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Wilger Flow view indicators

Connecting a FLOW VIEW® Ball Flow Indicator to a liquid dispersal system allows the user to check, at a glance, that the correct amount of liquid is flowing to the desired spray nozzles or outlets, even when the nozzles or outlets cannot be seen.

Each flow indicator column can supply liquid for up to three nozzles, openers or other supply lines to be monitored, and when the liquid is flowing equally to the desired supply lines the balls will hover at the same level. When a ball hovers lower than the others, this indicates that one or more of the nozzles, openers or supply lines supplied by that column are restricted or blocked; conversely, if the ball hovers higher than the other, one or more of the hoses or fittings supplied by that column has a leak or is broken.

Flow vew indicators description

The FLOW VIEW®’s modular design has individual columns and fittings that connect together with Wilger’s innovative O-ring seal & joint clips, allowing the construction of a system that is tailor-made to suit individual requirements; it is also easy to assemble and service. Multiple flow indicator models allow wide range indicator capability and six coloured indicator ball models accommodate different flow rates and different liquid specific gravity and viscosity.

The FLOW VIEW® system is ideal for use in sprayers and fertilizer applicators, squeeze pumps and watering, cooling & air systems.

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